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Endangered water plant makes surprise appearance in ponds near Stroud, Gloucestershire

One of Britain’s rarest water plants, Tassel Stonewort (Tolypella intricata), has delighted conservationists following its recent appearance in ponds near Stroud, Gloucestershire. The plant is extremely sensitive to water pollution and is classified as Endangered. Tassel Stonewort is unusual because it grows in winter, before producing spores in spring and dying back in summer.


Over 100 ponds created or restored in just two years

Great crested newts have been recorded in nearly two thirds of the sites (60%) where new ponds have been created or restored as part of the NatureSpace District Licensing scheme. Since the scheme began in 2018, 112 clean water ponds have been created or restored for great crested newts across the South Midlands and Gloucestershire (91 new ponds created and 21 ponds restored), and of these, over a third of individual ponds (36%) have already been colonised by newts.


NatureSpace wins CIEEM award

NatureSpace is delighted to receive the CIEEM In Practice Award together with its partners the Newt Conservation Partnership at this year’s national, virtual awards ceremony. Recognising the most significant contributions to protecting the natural environment, the awards celebrate successes achieved within the ecology and environmental management sectors.


CIEEM Revised Great Crested Newt District Licensing Position Statement (July 2020)

NatureSpace warmly welcome the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Managements (CIEEM’s) updated position statement on Natural England’s great crested newt District Level Licensing scheme. It is gratifying to see CIEEM acknowledge the conservation benefits of a strategic approach to mitigation, and the fact that off-site compensation can (when done properly) deliver better outcomes for biodiversity as well as developers. The CIEEM position statement is an insightful and constructive contribution to the development of District Licensing.


Reflections on my first six months at NatureSpace

By Rowan Avery

When I joined NatureSpace six months ago it was immediately apparent that I was entering a dedicated, extremely knowledgeable and passionate team of conservationists. I’d become fascinated with amphibians whilst working at Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, so I leapt at the chance to become part of a pioneering conservation project as a Technical Officer at NatureSpace.


NSP Response to the Green Recovery Speech and ‘newt-counting’

Earlier this week the Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveiled his plans for an overhaul of the planning system to aid economic recovery – blaming great crested newts and “newt-counting”  for substantial delays to house building.

At NatureSpace, we recognise there can be lots of frustration around timing restrictions for newt work and that is why our scheme is designed to work all year round and remove those delays.